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      • Sneak Peek: VS Decorative Throw Pillows

        We are super excited to announce our line of beautiful decorative pillows in natural, dyed and distressed hair on hide leathers. 16 x 16 inches. Down insert. Available in black and white patterned (pictured above), white, black, distressed orange and...

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        My Thanksgiving Gougères (recipe from Canal House cookbook, volume 2) Fall is, has been, and will always be my favorite season. Growing up in Miami, fall meant that the temperature dropped from 87° to 75°. Winter parkas were anxiously dragged out of...

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      • WINTER TRIP: Gstaad - Porto - Verona - Zürich

          3 weeks. 3 countries. 4 cities. Business and pleasure. Fast cars in Italy and slow food in Portugal. We celebrated the first big snowfall of the season in the Swiss Alps and moments later cursed ourselves for not getting 4 wheel...

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