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  • LOOK WHO'S WEARING VS: Mimma Catalano, Finishing Editor, Fox's Master Chef

    You have to bring your A-game if you're going to work in the trenches on one of America's hottest competition shows: Fox's Masterchef and Masterchef Junior.

    A show doesn't go to air until it passes through the expert hands of finishing editor Mimma Catalano. She is responsible for the final creative touches, the "tweaking" of each frame of video, each note of music and the complex layering of sound effects that bring heightened emotion to the real stories that unfold before the camera.



    Mimma is wearing our Mucca Foldover Clutch 


    VS asks Mimma:

    One thing you can't live without: My German Shepherd, Rocco. I met him when I was volunteering for a German Shepherd Rescue and the rest is history.

    If you were to audition for Master Chef, what would be your signature dish: Probably my lasagna. It’s a friend’s grandmother’s recipe and my Italian mother yelled at me the first time I made it (not being a traditional family recipe), but quickly changed her mind after she tried it. And asked for a second slice!

    Favorite TV shows: Law and Order SVU, Downton Abby, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, American Horror Story, Once Upon a Time, any HGTV or Investigation Discovery shows and of course Master Chef.

    Day/Night Moisturizers: StriVectin SD for both.

    What's in your Victor Simoni Clutch when heading out for a night on the town: A hotel key because I only wear my clutch in a fancy city that I’m visiting. Credit cards, driver’s license, L’Oreal Elnett mini hairspray, and L’Oreal InFallible lip gloss in Sangria.




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    • Andres says...

      I have nothing to do with it – but it makes me proud!

      On October 16, 2014

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